Friday, 18 April 2014

Mini Haul From Oriflame India

Hi Girls,

Its been a while that i shopped for anything much. If i would have started blogging like 2 years back you would have seen a hell lot of haul posts and i can guarantee you they wouldn't be mini in any way. Anyway so i was a shopaholic and it took me a while to control my urges and impulsive buys. I try to control myself when i shop but once in a while the impulsive shopper in me emerges and i just cant control.

Anyhow, we shall discuss tips on shopping etc some other time. Right now the highlight of this post shall be the mini haul from Oriflame. Oriflame is a Sweden brand and most of you may be aware of it. It was basically a skin care brand, but now it sells make up as well. Oriflame products can be ordered only through their independent consultants.

So, I bought 5 products from Oriflame this month. Four are for me and as you can see in the pic one is a product for men. Well, that is for my dearest Aditya! (Probably i will get him to do a review of the same for the blog *grin*)

Here's the list of the products i purchased:
1. Oriflame Happy Skin Hydrating Hand Cream: Rs.199 for 100 ml
2. Oriflame Pure Colour Kajal: Rs.129 for 3 g
3. Very Me Nail Grafitti Base Coat - Gold: Rs.199 for 8 ml
4. Very Me Nail Grafitti Top Coat - Black: Rs.199 for 8 ml
5. North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion : Rs. 279 for 50 ml

Except for the North For Men Moisturising Lotion i got everything on a discount. Oriflame usually has amazing offers every month.

Hope you enjoyed this haul post!
Do let me know if you want me to review any of the products for you first.


PS: If you want to order from Oriflame drop me an email at