Monday, 21 April 2014

Updates : The Klick Store & Wassup Pune

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Hi Girls,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Easter. I went out with my girls for a Sunday Brunch. Leaving all that aside, the reason for the post is that most of you reading my blog don't really know me or what i do. Im not talking about a job, im talking about my passion.

In Mid 2011, i got the idea of making handmade accessories and starting my own little venture. Thus, my online store called "The Klick Store" was started in November 2011. This is one of the most important decisions of my life.

So i just thought the moment was perfect to introduce to The Klick Store to you! The moment is perfect cause im exhibiting my stuff at Wassup Pune on 26th and 27th of April at Rohivilla Palace Grouns, Koregaon Park. If your in Pune do drop by.. im going to be at stall A18. Do drop by!

Here's a tiny sneak peak of the new collection that i will be updating on the facebook page of the Klick Store!

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You can check out Wasup Pune here!


Friday, 18 April 2014

Mini Haul From Oriflame India

Hi Girls,

Its been a while that i shopped for anything much. If i would have started blogging like 2 years back you would have seen a hell lot of haul posts and i can guarantee you they wouldn't be mini in any way. Anyway so i was a shopaholic and it took me a while to control my urges and impulsive buys. I try to control myself when i shop but once in a while the impulsive shopper in me emerges and i just cant control.

Anyhow, we shall discuss tips on shopping etc some other time. Right now the highlight of this post shall be the mini haul from Oriflame. Oriflame is a Sweden brand and most of you may be aware of it. It was basically a skin care brand, but now it sells make up as well. Oriflame products can be ordered only through their independent consultants.

So, I bought 5 products from Oriflame this month. Four are for me and as you can see in the pic one is a product for men. Well, that is for my dearest Aditya! (Probably i will get him to do a review of the same for the blog *grin*)

Here's the list of the products i purchased:
1. Oriflame Happy Skin Hydrating Hand Cream: Rs.199 for 100 ml
2. Oriflame Pure Colour Kajal: Rs.129 for 3 g
3. Very Me Nail Grafitti Base Coat - Gold: Rs.199 for 8 ml
4. Very Me Nail Grafitti Top Coat - Black: Rs.199 for 8 ml
5. North For Men Moisturising Fairness Lotion : Rs. 279 for 50 ml

Except for the North For Men Moisturising Lotion i got everything on a discount. Oriflame usually has amazing offers every month.

Hope you enjoyed this haul post!
Do let me know if you want me to review any of the products for you first.


PS: If you want to order from Oriflame drop me an email at

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Amway Attitude Foot Cream Review

Hi Girls,

I’m back with another review. This time it's a foot cream. Honestly for me and I guess for a lot of people foot cream is essential to keep our feet soft and supple. A lot of times we tend to forget to care for our feet, even though we follow rigorous routines for skin and hair, etc. So, all those girls who don’t use foot creams – start using one now. The foot cream I’m reviewing is the Attitude Foot Cream by Amway.

Amway Claims: Attitude Foot Cream, rich in emolliments, contains effective moisturizers for the skin. It helps cracked heels and smoothes & softens dry rough feet. It has Vitamin A, C, E, Natural Fruit & Botanical Extracts that helps to nourish & moisturize the skin. 

Ingredients: Check the picture!

Price & Quantity:
Rs.325 for 100 grams

Where to Buy:
Generally, people are under the misconception that they can buy Amway products only through the consultants. It isn't like that any more. You can buy this foot cream herehere. Online you will get the 75 g variant as i got the 100 g variant during an offer.

My Take on the product:

The product comes in a white tube which needs to be kept in an upside down position. It has a flip cover and you need to squeeze the tube to get the amount of product you need. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The product won’t leak if the cap is shut.

The cream is white in color. It has a very soft buttery texture and medium consistency. It is very easy to apply on the feet. It gets absorbed into the feet very quickly. I can’t really point out what it smells like, but its pleasant – nothing too strong.

Now the most important aspect, is it effective? Yes it is! Within a span of one week I could see that my feet had become softer and I like it. Earlier I used to use it on a daily basis when my feet were very dry. Now I use it twice a week.

1. Conditions the feet
2. Good travel friendly packaging
3. It will get rid of cracked feet
4. You can see visible results in a couple of days of regular application.

1. Contains parabens

Do I Recommend? Yes, if you are looking for a good and effective foot cream.

Will I repurchase it? Yes, I’ll repurchase it. It’s a lovely product whose effects can be seen in a short period. It’s worth every penny!

Do leave your views in comments!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Mask Review

Hi Girls,

I’m super excited about this post! It my first review on my blog… I love the feeling of calling it “My Blog”. The product up for review is the Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Face Mask. I've been using it for a while now… so I thought it’s time to review something that I've used for quite some time now.

Avon Claims: Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Mask helps to remove yellowish and sallow skin tone and improve skin clarity and radiance. It is formulated with rose petals and rose hips. Rose hips are known to contain Vitamin C that has skin whitening properties. Mild and gentle benefits in the mask improves skin clarity, improves skin texture, helps in skin whitening, leaves an even toned skin and improve skin radiance.

Check the picture. It contains a hell lot of chemicals that kinda turns me off from this product!

Price & Quantity:
Rs.299 for 75 grams

My Take on the product:

The mask comes in a lovely transparent tub packaging. The mask is gel based mask which in red in color with dried rose petals in it. The mask has a fruity smell but it definitely doesn’t smell of roses. The scent isn’t too strong so it doesn't really bother me.

The texture and consistency of the product is good. It is really smooth and easy to apply. The best part about this mask is that it doesn't dry up like other masks on your face. I find that very annoying in other face masks.
After removing the mask, my skin feels hydrated. It definitely brightens the face and gives it a glow. The glow is temporary, but you can definitely use this mask before an event or function.

1. Hydrating & moisturizing
2. Fragrance is fruity but not to strong
3. Gives an instant glow to the face
4. Brightens the face

1. The glow is temporary
2. I don’t think it whitens the skin really… at least it isn't noticeable to me
3. It has a hell lot of chemicals in it :(
4. Its available only through Avon representatives, this may be a con for some!

Do I Recommend? You can use this mask by Avon as a quick solution to make you skin feel hydrated and radiant. Best time to use it would be before an event or function!

Will I repurchase it? No. I don’t think ill repurchase it for the simple reason I haven’t seen any effects on my tanned skin except that it makes me look a little hydrated and gives a temporary glow to it. Another reason for not purchasing it is that it contains a lot of chemicals and currently there are so many organic products available in the market. I’d like to give something else a try!


Do leave your views in comments!

Friday, 11 April 2014

A New Beginning

Hi All,

I really don't know how to start off with this post. So I'll just say welcome to my blog Beauty And The Briefcase. There is a reason i coined this name! I love beauty, fashion, writing,etc but i can never give up on my love for finance as well. I'm an MBA and will soon start working in a bank. Thus that's how i decided to name my blog by considering two important aspects of my life.

Anyway, i just started this blog so that i can share reviews, beauty tricks,hauls or any thoughts that i think will be useful.

For the past two years i was away from home, studying in another city. Now I'm back home with some free time so i thought why not do something which i haven't done so far. That's how my blog came into the picture. I've been meaning to do this since a while but finally got the courage to do it.

I have drawn the inspiration to start blogging from Radha of Indian Beauty Zone, she is so helpful and kind. I have grown so much in terms of writing with your help. I would love to thank Lisha, Apoorva and Tejinder Kaur for always appreciating my write ups. Your encouragement has gone a long way in shaping the blog.

Thank you for reading this and hope you all stick around for further posts!



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