Monday, 14 April 2014

Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Mask Review

Hi Girls,

I’m super excited about this post! It my first review on my blog… I love the feeling of calling it “My Blog”. The product up for review is the Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Face Mask. I've been using it for a while now… so I thought it’s time to review something that I've used for quite some time now.

Avon Claims: Avon Naturals Rose Petal Whitening Mask helps to remove yellowish and sallow skin tone and improve skin clarity and radiance. It is formulated with rose petals and rose hips. Rose hips are known to contain Vitamin C that has skin whitening properties. Mild and gentle benefits in the mask improves skin clarity, improves skin texture, helps in skin whitening, leaves an even toned skin and improve skin radiance.

Check the picture. It contains a hell lot of chemicals that kinda turns me off from this product!

Price & Quantity:
Rs.299 for 75 grams

My Take on the product:

The mask comes in a lovely transparent tub packaging. The mask is gel based mask which in red in color with dried rose petals in it. The mask has a fruity smell but it definitely doesn’t smell of roses. The scent isn’t too strong so it doesn't really bother me.

The texture and consistency of the product is good. It is really smooth and easy to apply. The best part about this mask is that it doesn't dry up like other masks on your face. I find that very annoying in other face masks.
After removing the mask, my skin feels hydrated. It definitely brightens the face and gives it a glow. The glow is temporary, but you can definitely use this mask before an event or function.

1. Hydrating & moisturizing
2. Fragrance is fruity but not to strong
3. Gives an instant glow to the face
4. Brightens the face

1. The glow is temporary
2. I don’t think it whitens the skin really… at least it isn't noticeable to me
3. It has a hell lot of chemicals in it :(
4. Its available only through Avon representatives, this may be a con for some!

Do I Recommend? You can use this mask by Avon as a quick solution to make you skin feel hydrated and radiant. Best time to use it would be before an event or function!

Will I repurchase it? No. I don’t think ill repurchase it for the simple reason I haven’t seen any effects on my tanned skin except that it makes me look a little hydrated and gives a temporary glow to it. Another reason for not purchasing it is that it contains a lot of chemicals and currently there are so many organic products available in the market. I’d like to give something else a try!


Do leave your views in comments!


  1. Good luck dear..
    Ohh sad n soo many cons .but great n honest review ..

    My recent one :

    1. Thanks dii...
      yes it has too many cons plus way too many chemicals.. its worth a miss thats why i wanted people to be aware about it :)

  2. seems to be a flash mask with little effect...nicely reviewed dear..will skip this

  3. Awesome Blog, all the best Karishma...

  4. Thank you for the review!
    Honest review :)
    I would like to add you via G+, how do I do that? If you could add me I would add you back.

    1. Thanks Naomi... Ill follow you then you can add me back :)

  5. Sounds like a good one :)

    1. Yes its good to get an instant glow on your face :)

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