Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mini Cosmetics Haul

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry i haven't blogged in over 10 days... I really wanted to blog but first there were health reasons and then lately my internet is having serious mood swings! I've been trying to post this particular post since the past 3 days! Anyhow, i'm happy to be back and writing. Hopefully next month i can achieve the 15 posts a month... i also have to keep posts scheduled for you all so i don't miss out on blogging for so long again..

Recently, i shopped a couple of cosmetics. I thought i would share with you... hope you like what i picked :)
Well, i have reduced my shopping a lot but sometimes i just can't resist it... so have a look at what all i picked up!

Firstly, i picked up some stuff from Essence. Essence is a drug store brand with really affordable prices which isn't so common now (you know what i mean). It has pretty nice packaging as well.... i really wanted to try this out while i was studying in Pune, but availability was an issue so now that i'm back in Mumbai i thought i'd try it. I picked up an eye shadow brush and a lipstick. Most of their lipsticks have a frosty finish which i'm not so fond of but i really liked the shade plus its not that expensive so i just picked it up. I got the shade Sparkling Miracle!

I love lip products! so i went ahead and bought some more*grin* I bought a Miss Claire Matte Lipstick in Natural Brown, a VOV Lip Gloss in the shade 003 and Maybelline Lip Polish in the shade Glam 09.

I headed to the NYX counter to pick up either the lip creams or the round lipsticks. But my bad luck i didn't get either *sob sob* So instead i picked up the NYX Long Lip Pencil in the shade Mauve.

Hope you liked this post! In case you want me to review any product first do let me know :)
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Monday, 19 May 2014

LASplash Nail Splash - Sparkling Rose : Review & NOTD

Hi Girls,

I know i haven't been posting regularly so now i have made a decision that i need to write minimum 15 posts a month! So you will be hearing from me regularly now :)Today, im back with a review of a nail paint. I received this LA Splash nail paint in my Fab Bag. I usually don't go for glitter polishes but i quite like this one.

Anyhow, LA Splash in a US brand. I'm not too sure about the availability of this product in India.

This nail paint, is filled with round glitter and tiny glitter sparkles. It gives a lovely pinky sheen and shine to your nails. You can use this in three ways according to me : a glitter nail paint on clear nails, a glitter nail paint on painted nails and for nail art purposes. I personally like to use it to bling out my ring finger!

On application the product dries pretty fast, though you have to be careful that the sparkles get applied evenly on the nails. The product starts chipping the next day itself. But if you apply a top coat, the chipping is delayed.

It was pretty easy to remove, a little effort hard to be put in to get all the glitter off but it wasn't a difficult task! I have mixed feelings about it so i wouldn't recommend you to buy it unless you are a fan of glitter polishes.

Have you tried any product from LA Splash? Do leave your views in comments below i love to read them <3



Friday, 16 May 2014

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box April Edition Review

Hi Girls,

So officially, this is my first review of a Beauty Wish Box on the blog. I have tried Blisscovered and Fab Bag before... But none of them really impressed me that much. Though i have been impressed by a couple of products received through such bags/boxes. Anyhow, the reason for the post is this the lovely beauty wish box from The Nature's Co. which was slightly delayed in arriving due to a technical glitch.

The Nature's Co. Beauty Wish Box is brand centric as you all know. They send in 6 sample sized products based on the theme. This month's theme was based on summer. It's pretty hot in Mumbai and i guess in most parts of India as well.The products were nicely bubble wrapped and came inside a cute jute sling which i adore(though one product was slightly damaged - i managed to save it :D ).
So let's see what i got in my Beauty Wish Box.

1.Tangerine - Ginger Bath Salt:
Honestly, i have never used bath salts before and I'm really excited to try this out. It smells heavenly! The Tangerine will open the pores and speed out the toxins from congested skin while Ginger will heal and soothe!

2.Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash :
This was the damaged product :( The tube has opened up from the top.. i have fixed it temporarily with some cello tape. I love body washes and i was so depressed when i saw the damaged product. Anyway, the lemony scent is too good! Can't wait to use it. It contains kiwi seeds and walnut grits which will hopefully exfoliate the skin gently, leaving the skin smooth.

3.Cool Cucumber Body Lotion:
I'm sure all of us know the innumerable benefits and uses of Cucumber. During summers our skin needs a soothing and cooling effect and that's exactly what this body lotion offers.. Hope the product lives up to the expectations i have from it. 

4.Cherry Face Wash: 
The face wash looks so lovely with the cherry red colour. I have a combination skin, so lets see how it works for me and whether its keeps the oil in control.

5. Red & Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion:
Sun screen's are like the most important products to be used in summers. We should use sunscreens all year round but they are definitely a must have product during summers. Red Tea will protect your skin from the harsh UV rays and green tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties. There is no mention of the amount of SPF protection it will provide. 

6. Mango Mandarin Body Mist:
There are two samples of the same mist. I wish they would have sent two different ones!  The scent is a lil too strong for me... I'll need to use it a couple of times before i say a final word about these!

The Nature's Co. have presented us with a beautiful sarong from The Beach Company. I got a lovely floral one.

Honestly, this beauty wish box is worth the price. You get enough amount of sample to try and decide what you like for your routine. Plus they also offer a 35% discount on the full sized products and a 10 min complimentary spa treatment at their store. They have also included a 15% discount coupon which can be used on The Beach company website.

Price of the Beauty Wish Box : Rs.595 
You can order your's Here

I loved this box! Have you used any products from The Nature's Co? Do let me know your views about them in the comments below.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini Haul From Gia Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone,

Hope you had the great weekend... i was just lazing around! I have been meaning to do this post since a while. This is a much delayed post... I did a mini haul from Gia Bath & Body Works a while back and somehow in the moving from hostel to back home they were kept away. I found these beauties a while back and i have just been using them no other products :-D

What i had ordered was two soaps, a shower gel and a sample basket. I love the concept of a sample basket... it lets you try a variety of products so that you can take a pick of what you actually like and then you can order the full sized product.

A little bit about the brand: Gia Bath and Body Works is a brand committed to making Handcrafted Luxurious treats to pamper your skin. We make exquisite Handcrafted bathing bars and skin care products In small batches while carefully choosing our ingredients and creating attractive body treats with unique designs and textures. 
Our Soaps are packed full of fine ingredients, such as Liquid Silk, Fresh Cream, Colloidal Oatmeal, Goats Milk and precious oils of Virgin Olive, Virgin Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Castor Bean. Creamy butters like Cocoa, Avocado, Mango and Shea. 
None of our products contain harmful chemicals or fillers to bulk out products, They do not contain any SLS, SLES, preservatives or hardeners. just the raw Natural & Pure ingredients.They are suitable for most skin types.

The Products That I Ordered Are:
  1. Charcoal & Creme Soap
  2. Fullers Earth Silk Soap
  3. Rose Absolute Shower Gel
  4. Sample Basket

The Sample Basket Consisted Of The Following:
  1. Chocolate Creme Silk Soap
  2. Neem & French Clay Soap 
  3. Lavender Creme Silk Soap
  4.  Christmas Delight Soap
  5. Fullers Earth Silk Soap
  6. Charcoal & Creme Soap
  7. Oatmeal Cream Honey Soap
  8. Mocha Creme Body Polish Bar
  9. Peone Body Mist
  10. Chocolate Body Butter
  11. Shea Body Butter
  12. Chocolate Body Polishing Scrub

I have already used up quite a lot of the samples so they aren't pictured. Currently i'm using the Oatmeal Cream Honey Soap. I'm honestly in love with these products and once i'm done with this lot i will be ordering more soap bars. I usually prefer shower gels but these soap bars are so moisturizing.

If you want me to review any specific product first do let me know in the comments below :)

You can check out the facebook page of Gia Bath & Body Works Here
Don't forget to follow us on facebook as well Here

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Friday, 9 May 2014


Hi All,

This post is going to be a very different post in comparison to what I have written before. It's kind of an inspirational / motivational post. The reason for this post is that today is a very special person's birthday who has played a crucial role in my life. It's Aditya's birthday and i'm dedicating today's post to him as he has been the strongest person in my life and i have learnt way too much from him. Read on and i hope this inspires or motivates you....

At every step in your life you will need to make choices. There are only three choices which you can make i.e. give up, give in or give it all you've got. Honestly, i have had so many moments where i could have made better choices but i chose to either give up or give in. Now, i know that no one can force you to make choices, its entirely your own decision. You gotta think through it and choose something that you will be proud of or something that you won't regret.

As a teenager, i made a lot of choices which i am not proud of you. Maybe some of you did too... what may have been a wrong choice for me wasn't a wrong one for you. But somewhere along this road of life most of us have strayed from the right path. What is important is that we should find our way back on to the right path once we realise our mistake.

You have made the wrong decision? It's all right... no one is perfect. Learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them again. It took me a while to get over a  lot of things in the bargain i did hurt some people too... but they stood by my side cause they believed in me! i was lucky.

When we are young we just like to go with the flow, don't want to think about what will happen in the future... well that's not right. Every individual must think a little bit before making any decision or choice because sometimes these choices shape your life. I know im sounding a little grouchy... im not saying dont enjoy your life... but do think about your future... as the present shapes your future and your past was someday your present! I hope im making sense.

I'm no motivational speaker.. but i would feel great if even one person gets inspired by this post and thinks rationally before making choices!


Do leave your views in the comments below :)

Pic Courtesy : Google Images

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Oriflame Very Me Nail Graffiti Base Coat & Top Coat : Review and NOTD

Hi Girls,

When I was in college, I had this phase with nail paints... I just hoarded them... and then that moment came when I just stopped using them. Its been like 3 years that I've used nail polishes regularly. So, now I'm not a nail paint hoarder but i use nail paints on a regular basis.

That was about me! Anyway today what I'm going to talk about is the Oriflame Very Me Nail Graffiti in the shades Gold & Black. Gold is the base coat and Black is the graffiti top coat.

So, today I'm gonna do a quick review for you on these nail paints. The base coat is available in 3 shades Silver, Fuchsia & Gold. I got the gold shade cause i anyway wanted a gold polish in my stash. The top coat is again available in 3 shades Black, Blue & Pink. I got the black one as the gold and black combo looks so s*xy and its easily wearable.

As you can see a variety of colours are available which you can mix and match according to you taste. Another plus point with this product is that you can use the top coat with other nail polishes as well it gives the same crackle effect on all nail polishes *yayy!!!*

I've applied two coats of the base colour i.e. Gold. It dries pretty fast and gives a non streaky finish... I love it! The moment you apply the top coat it starts drying and starts cracking to see the amazing effect. Ideally, you should finish with a top coat for a more polished finish. I haven't applied a top coat and it lasted on me easily for 3 days without any chipping. I can't comment much about its lasting power cause i had to remove it on the third day for a function... it just didn't go with my outfit! *sad face*

Price & Quantity : Rs.199 for 8ml

Would  I Recommend? Oh yes! You need to try this if you like the crackle effects or you are into nail art or you just want to try something new.

Hope you liked this mini review. Do leave your views in the comments! I love to read them :)


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ Review and Swatch

Hi Girls,

Sorry for being MIA! I was busy preparing for the exhibition, then relaxing after the exhibition. I missed blogging all these days. So now I'm back again with a new product review for you. Its not really a new product, but i use it almost everyday.. so i just felt like reviewing it for my lovely readers :)

The market is flooded with BB and CC creams... some are a hit while others are a miss! Today I'm reviewing the Pond's White Beauty BB+ cream which is definitely a hit in my books. Read on to know more about my views on the product...

Pond's Claims: The first All-In-One BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ from Pond's that works from outside and inside. This unique skin colour matching fairness cream gives you a natural looking instant glow on the outside while working from inside. For a perfect and glowing look everyday.
Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++is specially designed for Indian skin and helps give you:
  • Instant natural glow on outside
  • Lightens your skin and spots from inside
  • Evens skin tone
  • With SPF 30 for skin protection
  • No clogging of pores
  • Light, on-oily texture

Price & Quantity: Available in three variants Rs.299 for 50 g, Rs.125 for 18 g and Rs.69 for 9 g.
You can buy it on 

My take on the product: 

The product comes in a sleek white tube packaging with a silver screw on lid. It looks great for the price you pay! It definitely travel friendly cause its so compact it will fit in the smallest clutches. The tube has a nozzles which dispenses the perfect amount of the product that you require.

In terms of texture, this BB cream is thicker in comparison to others available in the market. You need to put a little effort in blending it. Its worth the finish it gives to your skin. It definitely brightens the face. On application it makes your skin look a shade lighter but once it settles in it gives a dewy look without altering your skin tone :) The texture is non oily but this product may not work for people with oily skin during the summers.

The Ponds BB+ cream settles into a matte finish and it is sweat proof. The Ponds BB+ cream gives a medium coverage and it easily covers minor spots/ blemishes. Though its available only in one shade it suits me(wheatish) I'm not so sure how this will work on dusky beauties.

The highlight of the product is that it has SPF 30 PA++ protection. With this product you can easily roam for 300 minutes without getting a sun burn. Just in case you don't know each SPF protects you for approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Sleek packaging
  2. Medium coverage
  3. Covers minor spots/ blemishes
  4. Works for most skin types
  5. Sweat Proof
  6. Brightens the skin
  7. Has SPF 30 and PA++ protection
  8. Affordable 

  1. Only available in one shade
  2. Not suited for oily skin during summers
  3. You need to put in a little effort to blend it
Do I Recommend? Yes, if you are looking for a affordable BB cream which gives medium coverage.

Will I repurchase it? Yes, I’ll repurchase it.I love this product 'im already on my second tube. I use it almost everyday.

Hope you like the review. Do leave your views in comments!