Sunday, 26 July 2015

Insta Makeup House : One Stop Shop For All Your Beauty Needs

I'm a makeup hoarder... lately i haven't been posting my hauls cause i have too many pending reviews. This post had to come up as i had to make sure you check out Insta Makeup House if u haven't already checked them out on Instagram.

For all of you, who aren't on Instagram... you are missing out on this amazing store that houses luxury brands as well as local brands such a Miss Claire.

A Lil Bit About Insta Makeup House:

Insta Makeup House in an Instagram store that brings Makeup to your doorstep. They give u access to brands that you may otherwise not be able to buy in India at pocket friendly rates. You can check them out on Instagram HERE.

I received a beautiful basket from them filled with goodies. I was delighted with the products they sent me.

The list of the products I got:

  •  CHANEL Blush & Eyeshadow Palette 
  •  MAC Lip Pigment Liquid Lipstick 
  •  MAC Lipstick
  •  ANNELIES Matte Lipstick
  •  DIOR J'ADORE Perfume - Sampler
  •  Makeup Blender

I will individually review the products soon. I'm really excited to try out the makeup blender. In the meantime don't forget to check out Insta Makeup House on Instagram.

Do let me know what you like from this store! Please leave your comments below.