Sunday, 23 August 2015

Pure Suds Frangipani Soap Review

Hello Everyone,

Looks like my blog has become a Soapy Affair... Today i'm going to review a lovely soap from the House of Pure Suds. If you don't know about Pure Suds please read my earlier posts regarding my shopping from Pure Suds HERE and HERE.

About Pure Suds:

Pure Suds Skin Treats brings to you a world of luxurious handcrafted soaps minimizing the use of harsh chemicals on a daily basis.

Their mission is:
Promoting minimally processed skincare which include a range of cold-process handcrafted soaps, Body butters, Sugar scrubs, Face scrubs, Lotions and Lip balms. All of which is prepared in my little studio in Rajasthan to delivery all over India.

My Experience with the Pure Suds Frangipani Soap:

The Frangipani Soap is a gorgeous looking soap made with a blend of 6 different oils. The soap has a really great fragrance which isn't overpowering and has a gorgeous blend of soothing colors. The oils used in this soap are Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Canola Oil. With a mix of these oils and cocoa Butter this soap will be a boon for people with Dry Skin. This soap is so moisturizing that after using this i don't feel the need to use a lotion or moisturizer. My skin feels soft and smooth after using this soap and i haven't felt that with other soaps. 

I really love using handmade soaps as the soap maker puts in efforts for designing each batch of soaps... I love the soaps from Pure Suds and keep stocking them up regularly. This soap is currently not available as all these soaps are made in small batches. To check out the latest soaps available head on to their Facebook Page HERE.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do leave your comments below, I love reading them :)