Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini Haul From Gia Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone,

Hope you had the great weekend... i was just lazing around! I have been meaning to do this post since a while. This is a much delayed post... I did a mini haul from Gia Bath & Body Works a while back and somehow in the moving from hostel to back home they were kept away. I found these beauties a while back and i have just been using them no other products :-D

What i had ordered was two soaps, a shower gel and a sample basket. I love the concept of a sample basket... it lets you try a variety of products so that you can take a pick of what you actually like and then you can order the full sized product.

A little bit about the brand: Gia Bath and Body Works is a brand committed to making Handcrafted Luxurious treats to pamper your skin. We make exquisite Handcrafted bathing bars and skin care products In small batches while carefully choosing our ingredients and creating attractive body treats with unique designs and textures. 
Our Soaps are packed full of fine ingredients, such as Liquid Silk, Fresh Cream, Colloidal Oatmeal, Goats Milk and precious oils of Virgin Olive, Virgin Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Castor Bean. Creamy butters like Cocoa, Avocado, Mango and Shea. 
None of our products contain harmful chemicals or fillers to bulk out products, They do not contain any SLS, SLES, preservatives or hardeners. just the raw Natural & Pure ingredients.They are suitable for most skin types.

The Products That I Ordered Are:
  1. Charcoal & Creme Soap
  2. Fullers Earth Silk Soap
  3. Rose Absolute Shower Gel
  4. Sample Basket

The Sample Basket Consisted Of The Following:
  1. Chocolate Creme Silk Soap
  2. Neem & French Clay Soap 
  3. Lavender Creme Silk Soap
  4.  Christmas Delight Soap
  5. Fullers Earth Silk Soap
  6. Charcoal & Creme Soap
  7. Oatmeal Cream Honey Soap
  8. Mocha Creme Body Polish Bar
  9. Peone Body Mist
  10. Chocolate Body Butter
  11. Shea Body Butter
  12. Chocolate Body Polishing Scrub

I have already used up quite a lot of the samples so they aren't pictured. Currently i'm using the Oatmeal Cream Honey Soap. I'm honestly in love with these products and once i'm done with this lot i will be ordering more soap bars. I usually prefer shower gels but these soap bars are so moisturizing.

If you want me to review any specific product first do let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Hey would be nice to know about the price of the sample basket...and would love to know more about the chocolate body polishing scrub and peone body mist

    1. Hi Jhilmil... I completely forgot to mention the prices on the post... will update it! Anway the sample basket is for Rs.399!
      Will definitely do mini reviews on both the products you want to know about :)

  2. That is a yummy haul.. wud love to see ur reviews on the products.. n sample basket concept sounds good to me :)

    1. Thanks Natasha... They look and smell so yummy i just feel like eating them! The sample basket concept is really nice... i really got to try a lot of products because of it which i may not have ordered otherwise!