Friday, 16 May 2014

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Box April Edition Review

Hi Girls,

So officially, this is my first review of a Beauty Wish Box on the blog. I have tried Blisscovered and Fab Bag before... But none of them really impressed me that much. Though i have been impressed by a couple of products received through such bags/boxes. Anyhow, the reason for the post is this the lovely beauty wish box from The Nature's Co. which was slightly delayed in arriving due to a technical glitch.

The Nature's Co. Beauty Wish Box is brand centric as you all know. They send in 6 sample sized products based on the theme. This month's theme was based on summer. It's pretty hot in Mumbai and i guess in most parts of India as well.The products were nicely bubble wrapped and came inside a cute jute sling which i adore(though one product was slightly damaged - i managed to save it :D ).
So let's see what i got in my Beauty Wish Box.

1.Tangerine - Ginger Bath Salt:
Honestly, i have never used bath salts before and I'm really excited to try this out. It smells heavenly! The Tangerine will open the pores and speed out the toxins from congested skin while Ginger will heal and soothe!

2.Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body Wash :
This was the damaged product :( The tube has opened up from the top.. i have fixed it temporarily with some cello tape. I love body washes and i was so depressed when i saw the damaged product. Anyway, the lemony scent is too good! Can't wait to use it. It contains kiwi seeds and walnut grits which will hopefully exfoliate the skin gently, leaving the skin smooth.

3.Cool Cucumber Body Lotion:
I'm sure all of us know the innumerable benefits and uses of Cucumber. During summers our skin needs a soothing and cooling effect and that's exactly what this body lotion offers.. Hope the product lives up to the expectations i have from it. 

4.Cherry Face Wash: 
The face wash looks so lovely with the cherry red colour. I have a combination skin, so lets see how it works for me and whether its keeps the oil in control.

5. Red & Green Tea Sun Screen Lotion:
Sun screen's are like the most important products to be used in summers. We should use sunscreens all year round but they are definitely a must have product during summers. Red Tea will protect your skin from the harsh UV rays and green tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties. There is no mention of the amount of SPF protection it will provide. 

6. Mango Mandarin Body Mist:
There are two samples of the same mist. I wish they would have sent two different ones!  The scent is a lil too strong for me... I'll need to use it a couple of times before i say a final word about these!

The Nature's Co. have presented us with a beautiful sarong from The Beach Company. I got a lovely floral one.

Honestly, this beauty wish box is worth the price. You get enough amount of sample to try and decide what you like for your routine. Plus they also offer a 35% discount on the full sized products and a 10 min complimentary spa treatment at their store. They have also included a 15% discount coupon which can be used on The Beach company website.

Price of the Beauty Wish Box : Rs.595 
You can order your's Here

I loved this box! Have you used any products from The Nature's Co? Do let me know your views about them in the comments below.



  1. This is absolutely worth the price! so amazing! loved your stuffs!!!! :)

    1. Yes its worth every penny... and i'm loving the products i have used so far! Have you tried these boxes or their products?

  2. Lovely sarong and some great natural products

    1. Thanks Iswarya... the sarong is really pretty... i waitingto go for a holiday so i can use it! and the products are amazing... i have used a few and i feel so refreshed and good after using these products!

  3. Wow tempting stuffs!! Love the floral printed sarong! :D

    1. The stuff in this box is really really tempting... it smells so heavenly and i just adore the sarong :)