Sunday, 10 August 2014

NYX Haul!!!!

 Hello People!

Like I mentioned in my last post that Fridays would be dedicated to Nail Paints Reviews and nail care,etc. In a similar way Sundays are going to be dedicated to haul posts and any other random ramblings that i have to share with you lovely people!

Today im sharing a mini haul that i did from NYX via a friend who ahd gone to the States... I have always read such lovely reviews of their products online especially the lip products and i just couldn't wait to get my hands on them. Finding NYX is India is easy... Its available online and in stores like Beauty Centre in Mumbai. Only problem is that the shade that you might be wanting isn't available and they don't seem to restock the items soon. Also, the products are slightly pricey... not that they will burn a whole in your pocket but im sure you understand the feeling... In USA its available for $6 and its priced in India at Rs.750... u get the picture right!

Well i was ready to pay the price but whatever i wanted was not available and i was so sad. My childhood friend was in US for a while and it never struck me that i could ask her to get me some stuff! So like right at the end of her trip i texted her if she could get me some stuff from NYX. Well she had no clue about makeup but i sent her my list and she managed to get 4 items out of the 6 i asked her for! So sweet na...

The four products that i got from NYX are:

  1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Antwerp ($5.99/ Rs.750)
  2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo ($5.99/ Rs.750)
  3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Addis Ababa ($5.99/ Rs.750)
  4. NYX Soft Matte Lipstick - Chloe ($3.99/ Rs.395)

Im so in love with these lip products from NYX. These have such rich pigmentation and long lasting. They are pretty moisturising as well!

Have you tried any products from NYX! Do share your opinions/views about them.
Hope you enjoyed this post...



  1. Drooling over this... wish they were easily available here in India

    1. I know the feeling... i used to drool over other people's hauls... :*
      You can get some of the NYX products on Nykaa and Jabong! Check them out... Some of the products are not overly priced!!!

  2. I really want to try the NYX lip creams... waiting for the swatches...

    1. These lip creams are to die for... Will share swatches very soon!!!
      Just in case you are in Mumbai or Delhi try getting your hands on the Miss Claire Lip Creams... They are pretty decent as well :)

  3. have heared so much about these..nice post!

  4. Loved your review !!
    Read it the day you posted and commenting now LOL, so busy just got home. wow the products look tempting !! want to try them . But they seem to be at least 300 Rs more than their original price in India !!! waiting to see your nail polish haul this Friday !!!

    1. Thanks Camy!!!
      Yeah i know... the prices they charge in India are exorbitant.... but the NYX Round Lipsticks are decently priced:) Give them a try!!! U will simply fall in love with the texture!!! <3

  5. Those are lust worthy hues <3
    Awesome Haul Girl :)

    1. Thanks Vipra....
      Best part all the shades i got will mostly suit the indian skin tone really well :)

  6. wow such lovely shades...waiting for the reviews:D