Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fab India & Faces Haul

Hi Girls,

Its Sunday! And i'm back with a haul post once again.Hope you guys had a lazy and fun day.
A couple of weeks back i had to meet a friend at the mall for some coffee and catching up! She got stuck in traffic and i couldn't resist roaming around and picking up some stuff!!!

So during my little time alone i went in a couple of stores but nothing really excited me to shop! Then i walked into Fab India and i just couldn't resist picking up these lovely soap bars! I did like a couple of their face packs,etc. but i have a huge stock off stuff to finish up so i just bought the soaps.

Honestly, i have a stock of soaps as well but i just couldn't resist picking these cuties from Fab India ( I have two more soap hauls coming up...)  

After that i walked into Faces Cosmetics! They had some lovely offers going on... I wish i could remember them for you. (Sorry!)

I picked up three lipsticks from the Go Chic Range! After that i just controlled my shopping urges and waited till my friend arrived!

So listing out all that i picked up!


  1. Mint Soap (Rs.75 for 100g)
  2. Lavender & Basil (Rs.75 for 100g)
  3. Rose (Rs.50 for 50g)
  4. Jasmine (Rs.50 for 50g)
  5. Neem Tulsi (Rs.50 for 50g)

  1. Go Chic Lipstick - Wicked
  2. Go Chic Lipstick - Wild Orchid
  3. Go Chic Lipstick - Wild Blush

Hope you liked this haul... Will share reviews and swatches soon! I have a huge line up of reviews for you lovely people... 



  1. Lovely PICK UPS !!!

  2. Now that I am so much into handmade,organic soaps...I will definitely include one of these babies in my next purchase. Nice haul

    1. Thanks Jhilmil.... You will love these soaps! They smell so heavenly :)

  3. Nice haul! The lippies look good, especially Wild Blush!

  4. Oooooo the lipsticks look HOT! Waiting for swatches ;)
    Follow each other? :)