Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Restaurant Review - Bungalow 9

I am a big foodie!! I love to try out new restaurants and cuisines and now i am going to share my love for food with you. I am starting out with reviewing a lovely restaurant which is a must try place if you are living in Mumbai. In short if you are looking for a place that has a relaxing ambience and serves great food... then Bungalow 9 is the place to be. Read on to know my detailed review of the restaurant i found on

About Bungalow 9:

A rich mix of tranquil ambience, dramatic food presentations and gracious service is what creates the aura of Bungalow 9. Rows of greenery trying to reach towards the sun, warm, languid afternoons in dappled sunlight, spent sipping wines and having casual, cordial conversations. Ah! The best way to live.

The essence of celebration doesn't lie in an elaborate setting but lies in a convivial, cozy meal with the ones who are most cherished. Bungalow 9 is not far from that envision.

Come. Live the Bungalow 9 lifestyle.

My Experience:

Well, i was looking for a nice restaurant to spend a quite afternoon in the company of my friends and good food. While browsing through restaurants on i came across Bungalow 9. I had heard good reviews of this restaurants, i had also seen a couple of my friends check-in at this restaurants (checking out check-ins turned out to be awesome *hehe*)

So, i finalized the restaurant and made my way to Bandra from town. I was awestruck by the beauty of the restaurant. It is a beautiful restaurant was an amazing decor. It is perfect for quiet/ romantic meal. I totally loved the interiors - simple and elegant with slightly mismatched chairs to add some definition to the place. i sat indoors but they also have outdoor seating.

Enough, with the ambience, time to get down to business - The FOOD. Bungalow 9 has a very limited menu but good variety. Since, i wasn't that hungry i skipped the soul and salad, jumped straight to the appetizers. I decided to try the B9 special - Tuscan Chicken. The dish looked so gorgeous i didn't feel like eating it. It was the yummiest appetizer i have ever had. Kudos to the cook for coming up with such a great dish and 5 stars for the awesome presentation.

Tuscan chicken

B9 also offers some really good dim sums, sushi and tacos. Next we ordered a Penne Pasta in White Sauce with chicken. While we waited for our meal to arrive we sipped on our drinks to cool off. I ordered a Blackcurrant Iced Tea (boring choice naa) and my friend tried out Innocent Passion. The Black currant Iced Tea was so so... But Innocent Passion was amazing... It was the perfect mix of Passion Fruit and Cranberry juice with just the perfect amount of Fizz. Innocent Passion is a MUST have!!
Penne Pasta in White Sauce
Blackcurrant Iced Tea & Innocent Passion

Our pasta was delicious, well cooked and balanced with the right amount of herbs. It wasn't too bland but i wish the white sauce was a little thicker, the one we got was too runny. I would have definitely enjoyed it more had it not been so runny. Post the pasta, we still had little space in our tummys so we decided to try their Artisan Brick Oven Speciality Pizza.

Smoked Chicken, onions & Jalapeno Pizza

We ordered the Smoked Chicken, Onions and Jalapeno Pizza. It arrived smokin Hot. It was a perfect thin crust pizza with the right amount of cheese and toppings! I'm definitely recommending you to try out these pizza's if you like thin crust pizza's. Though i was stuffed, i really wanted to give the deserts a try.

Chefs Signature Single Origin Madagascar Chocolate Ice Cream
We ordered the Chefs Signature Single Origin Madagascar Chocolate Ice Cream. The most delicious chocolate ice cream i have had. I am not a big fan of ice creams and if i liked this, i'm sure you can understand how good it was. the most unique feature of this dish is that it has a little salt in. this ice cream is a good mix of sweet and salty. The only issue was that it had already started melting

This isn't really a budget friendly place but its definitely worth every penny you pay.

I had a lovely time at this restaurant. Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do leave your comments below.



  1. The place looks awesome n the food YUMMYYYYYYYYY...!

    Nice review..its high time we catch up.


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