Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bouquet of Roses by Camelia's Natural & Handmade Bath & Body Treats Review

Hi guys,

How have you all been... i was supposed to do a few posts this weekend but things took a really wrong turn in my personal life and i just couldn't do anything! I was pretty upset about how things were growing, but i'm a strong girl who is not going to sit about crying because of stupid people. So i'm back to blogging...

Today i'm reviewing a soap which i should have reviewed really long back. Its tried and tested long back!  I'm reviewing the Bouquet of Roses soap made by Camelia of  Camelia's Natural & Handmade Bath & Body Treats. I was a happy customer who shopped again! You can check out my haul from her store HERE.


Milk, Rosewater, Vit E, Bentonite Clay, Coconut Oil, Sandalwood powder & Fragrance Oil Blend

My Experience:

I love using handmade soaps and was super excited to try out this soap when i came across the Facebook page of Camelia's Natural & Handmade Bath & Body Treats. Since it was a new brand and my skin is sensitive i chose to try out just one soap in my first order. I love the fragrance of roses and so i picked this one up. But with the stock load of soaps i already had i used this almost a month after the order reached me.

The soap was smaller than what i expected but i cut into 4 pieces like i usually do with any handmade soap. The reason i cut any handmade is that since they do not contain chemicals they tend to melt faster than the usual soaps. Cutting them into smaller pieces just increases their longevity. It lasted me almost 3 weeks :)

The fragrance had died down a bit since i kept it away for a month, but it still had the lingering smell of roses. This soap is filled with the goodness of so many amazing natural ingredients. It was a delight to use this soap. The soap kept my skin moisturized. The best part about this soap was that it lathered up so well.

All in all i was happy with my purchase and the next time round i ordered 4 soaps :P

Do check them out on FACEBOOK if you would like to try out some of their handmade soaps!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review! Do leave your views in comments below...


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  1. Woww the soap looks lovely. Its a first positive review of this handmade soap. Am yet to try handmade soaps.

    1. Glad you liked the review :)
      My reviews are always honest and dependent on my usage of the product!
      U should try handmade soaps... they are so much better than commercial soaps!

  2. Not tried handmade soaps yet. Nice review.............

  3. Such an adorable soap.. I too love using handmade soaps.. so awesome

    1. Its so adorable kanuu... i avoided using it for really long!
      I'm glad you like handmade soaps just like me :) :)